School children on planting day

Building seniors beds 2016

New seniors beds in 2016

Healing Garden in the spring

Healing Garden in the spring

Healing Garden in the summer

Canada 150 tulip bed

Canada 150 tulip planting day

Coniston Bus Crash Memorial

Watering source


Garden location

Located in beautiful Centennial Park in Coniston, across from the Post Office on 17 Second Avenue, Coniston

Our gardens were created by the Coniston Community Action Network and are maintained by volunteers.

Type of garden

Private: Our gardens are shared between Coniston seniors and Coniston school children. Produce from the children's gardens is donated to the Coniston Food Bank and produce from the seniors' gardens  is kept by the seniors who work their plots.


  • Fifteen  4 x 8 feet plots dedicated for use by the children of St. Paul's School, Teddy Bear Day Care and Notre Dame de la Merci School in Coniston.
  • Fifteen 3 x 6 feet accessible beds dedicated to Seniors and persons with mobility issues. These beds are approx. 36 inches in height.
  • One 8 x 8 foot Healing Garden dedicated to the residents of Coniston who have succumbed to various diseases, such as cancer, ALS, strokes, etc.
  • We have planted two apple trees, two cherry trees, one plum tree and a nut tree.


Plans for 2017 include: an octagon picnic table on the patio stones in front of the Healing garden, an upgrade to the Healing Garden and the installation of compost bins. 


  • organic gardening: we use triple mix, mulch, perlite, Meeker's mix, manure, peat moss

Cost to participate

Free plot rental to seniors and school programs

Produce and Plants

We produce vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

We plant flowers and vegetables in collaboration with local schools who plant seeds and nurture seedlings for us, and then have a fun planting day at the garden. The school children donate all of their produce from their gardens to the Coniston Food bank. 

We also provide seeding classes for the Seniors for them to plant in the gardens, for their personal use. 

Community Services Projects

In 2016, we planted and distributed 1,000 Canada 150 tulips. The Coniston Community Action Network purchased 500 of the Canada 150 Tulips, and Second Avenue Home Hardware donated an additional 500 bulbs. We planted 250 of the bulbs at the Post Office bed in the shape of the Canada 150 logo of a stylized maple leaf. The balance of tulips were distributed to businesses and churches in Coniston. 

We also created a memorial bed at the Bus Crash Memorial in honor of the victims of the crash.


Water source: large barrel that volunteers fill up from a hose run from the park water source (near the splash pad) and then use to hand water
Seating: two benches in close proximity of the gardens. We hope to install an 8 foot octagon picnic table in 2017
Children: children welcome! We have playground equipment at the park
Tools available: watering cans; tools are brought in by the volunteers on work days
Composting: 3 wooden compost bins will be installed in 2017


We are seeking volunteers to help with expanding the gardens, planting in the spring, watering and weeding during the summer, and harvesting periodically to bring to the Coniston Food Bank.


Name: Kevin Rivard
Phone: 705 923 0225

Name: Linda Hachez
Phone: 705 920 3782


Our Sponsors and Friends of the Garden

  • Bob's Service Centre
  • Caisse Populaire/Desjardins
  • City of Greater Sudbury - Healthy Community Initiatives Fund
  • Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury - Project Impact
  • Coniston Community Action Network (CAN)
  • Coniston Lions
  • Coniston Seniors and Golden Age Club
  • Fruit for All
  • Second Avenue Home Hardware
  • Stella Legault-Colonial Inn
  • Sudbury Community Gardens Network
  • Vale
  • Valu Mart Coniston



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